Friday, December 1, 2006


To all you BD farmers, gardeners, friends, trainees, trainers, researchers, interested persons.....
Got any questions about BD?
Any biodynamic farming hints for us?
Pictures to share of those fields & fields of CPP nurtured crops?
Post it all here!


Utpal K. Deb said...

I am interested in horn manure. Is it possible to fill the horns with vermicompost instead of cow dung ? In this case, do we get a more effective vermicompost and do we need to bury the horns for 6 months ? What wpould be the dose of such vermicompost manure in say, a flower bed of 50 square feet ?

I would also like to know how biodynamic farming is different from prganic farming ?


What a surprise to read your web page!!!! Years ago somewhere in 1988 – 90 , I had read in the Economic Times about a German /Scotsman who practiced a new type of cultivation method wherein he used “Steer horns “ and filled it up with dung of a cow that had just given birth along with human hair . After some months he would dig it out and dissolve it in water and spray it all over the field and his crop of melon increased many fold. I have been speaking to many researchers whether there was any truth to it including one my nephews in the US who is into hard core research and peole would laugh it off. It was only yesterday that one my childhood friends had asked me to help out with information , as he was giving up his present business of producing automotive components and take to farming in a valley off the Kodaikannal palani road. I got checking on the web as I had lost touch with agriculture /horticulture in the last 15 years.Incidentally I used to work for HPMC in Chennai .We even put up a cold storage at Tiruvottiyer and those days I used to store candied fruits from a organic farm I wonder if it was “Kurinji”????Used to be pineapple .I never met the owner and it was a peon who used to come to deposit and take delivery of the goods. Anyway , I was thrilled at finding the Biodynamic in Agriculture web page to check out an unanswered question about the veracity of the article that I had read almost 20 years ago!!! I have asked my friend to meet you at your address .In the meanwhile I have been reading about Dr.A.Thimiah who runs Naturo Agrotechonlogical Consultants Pvt Ltd , in Faridabad and who is supposed to have turned around an estate at Neliampathy in Palghat District in Kerala!Since I am located in Gurgaon , I was thinking of meeting him too to find out more about BIODYNMAICS IN AGRICULTURE as he seems to have gone deep into the subject.Kindly advise.

nanobio said...

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Shamsul Arifeen said...

ihave visited this site today,i am very anxiou to know about biodynamics.can compost be used on large scale farming.if we build a compound on ground and fill it with fym and we add eme liquid into it and irrigate our land with water,can this will work.S.A.ALVI